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Chiavari shoes: no more sinking

Break the rules and move seating to locations that have always been traditionally difficult for chairs.
Our chair shoes increase support for the chair legs on difficult ground, greatly reducing the sinking of the legs.

Whether on the beach, on a green at your favorite golf club, or simply on a backyard lawn, our support system lets you bring our classy Chiavari chairs and your unforgettable events to a whole new level outdoors.

Our Chiavari shoes are easy to deploy. Snap them onto the chair legs, no tools required, snap them off when finished.
Our Chiavari shoes do not interfere with the chairs ability to stack. Chairs can be collected, stacked, stored, moved and re-deployed without removing the shoes.
Small holes in the supporting plate area, allow the lawn to breath, greatly minimizing any damage to it even with extended use of the chair on the grass.

One set includes 4 shoes for one chair.

Media available for download:

Chiavary shoes assembly

10 Instruction / pdf/ 235KB

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2CHV-4shoes Lawn shoe set green ask quote





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Chiavari Shoes: on the beach