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D130 12in. Kid chair recommended for kindergarten and preschool

D130 with its 12” seat height and its advanced posture design, is the most innovative piece of furniture for kindergarten, preschool, nursery, party rentals and any environment where children’s safety and comfort is a must.

D130 is a durable stacking chair, featuring a secure easy stacking interlocking leg system for storing up to 15 chairs one on top of another.

The construction, 100% resin made with stainless steel hardware, makes it an easy solution for both indoor & outdoor child’s seating needs.

Frame Features:
• 100% gray or cream reinforced techno-polymer
• durable & safe 1 piece construction
• limited lifetime frame warranty
• 250 lb. Weight Limit

Seat Features:
• molded polypropylene seat
• open back for ventilation and strength
• ergonomic front promotes good circulation in legs
• attached with four stainless steel screws
• several color options available
• 5 year seat warranty

Glide Features:
• standard gray color matching the legs, OR seat color matching optional for an upcharge - 12” models only
• secured with a screw to the leg, so they will not detach becoming a choking hazard.
• 2 year wearing parts warranty

Media available for download:

D130 Kids' Chairs

01 Brochure / pdf/ 130KB


Product Dimensions:
13.5 x 13.5 x 21 inches

Weight: 3.5 pounds


Colors Available

a rainbow of colors to choose from...

Seat colors available:
• purple
• yellow
• tangerine
• orange
• red
• blue
• green
• gray
• cream

Frames colors:
• gray
• cream (optional non standard)


Item# Description Quote
7D130GrBl D130 - 12” Kid chair, gray/blue ask quote
7D130GrRd D130 - 12” Kid chair, gray/red ask quote
7D130GrYe D130 - 12” Kid chair, gray/yellow ask quote
7D130GrGn D130 - 12” Kid chair, gray/green ask quote
7D130GrOr D130 - 12” Kid chair, gray/orange ask quote
7D130GrPu D130 - 12” Kid chair, gray/purple ask quote
7D130GrTa D130 - 12” Kid chair, gray/tangerine ask quote
7D130GrWh D130 - 12” Kid chair, gray/cream ask quote





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D130 Colors: a rainbow of colors to choose from...
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